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Press On - Illyrian Print at Gatto Nero

Gatto Nero Press and Gallery, 190 Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, will host “Press On – Illyrian Print at Gatto Nero”, an exhibit of original fine art prints by Luran Osman and Shuki Neziri of Illyrian Print in Tetovo Macedonia and Bill Darling, Florence Darling and Kim Darling of Gatto Nero Press in St. Johnsbury. The show will take place on December 31 from 4 pm until midnight, as part of St. Johnsbury's annual First Night celebration. A demonstration of the making of an intaglio print will be presented at 6 pm.

This show is the result of a collaboration that began in the summer of 2013, when, Osman, Neziri, and Bill and Kim Darling lived and made art together in the mountains in Macedonia, forming the beginnings of the Sharr Mountain Artist Colony.

Proceeds from the show will benefit "Do It Now!", a youth workshop organized and led by St. Johnsbury Academy's Dean of International Students, Florian Rexhepi for the purpose teaching non-violent conflict resolution strategies to Albanian youth living in Macedonia amidst the ongoing ethnic struggles of the region. Rexhepi is himself an Albanian who grew up in Macedonian. Bill and Kim Darling participated as teaching artists in the 2013 workshop in Kitka Macedonia, and plan to again accompany Rexhepi to Macedonia in June 2014, after which they will work for the remainder of the summer at the Sharr Mountain Artist Colony.

Gatto Nero is located at the corner of Thaddeus Lane and Eastern Avenue, in St. Johnsbury.